Ariangela J. Kozik, PhD

Microbiologist. Science Communicator. Advocate.

Interested in the connections between host, microbiome, and environment in adult asthma.

Engaged in science communication work to make science more accessible to the general public and support the next generation of biomedical investigators.

Advocate for institutional equity and inclusion. Co-founder of Black In Microbiology.



This Microbiologist Sparked a Movement to Recognize Black Scientists In Her Field

Back in August, Ariangela Kozik, Ph.D., launched @BlackInMicro to advocate for biomedical research and create a community for fellow Black scientists.

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Microbiologists For Diversity

Kozik and others recently planned Black in Microbiology, a week of virtual events that highlighted the value scientists from minority backgrounds bring to the field. The events drew thousands of attendees from across the university and the globe.

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Association for Women in Science: Our stories | Post-doc panel preview: Dr. Ari Kozik

Dr. Kozik will joins us on February 27th 2020 for our annual Post-doc Panel, where four female post-docs from the university will join us for dinner and discussing everything post-doc.

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Black in Microbiology: From Successful Hashtag to Burgeoning Nonprofit in Six Months

When microbiologists Ariangela Kozik, PhD and Kishana Taylor, PhD decided to launch #BlackInMicrobiology, they had no idea that in less than a year, they’d be at the helm of a nonprofit, taking their goals to the next level. Now, this nonprofit—the Black Microbiologists Association—has a growing membership, a wide scope for progress, and the momentum to carry their movement forward. 

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1,000 inspiring Black scientists in America »

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