Our most urgent biomedical and scientific challenges require scientists and clinicians who represent all communities in our society to come together to create, innovate, and discover. I am committed to continued work to break down barriers that impede progress.

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”

– Shirley Chisholm

I am passionate about transforming systems to sustain future generations of research scientists. I am consistently engaged in a number of initiatives to promote equity in the academy on behalf of historically underrepresented trainees and trainees with dependents. Some of my work is highlighted below.

Co-Founder & Vice President, Black Microbiologists Association (BMA)

The mission of BMA (also known as Black In Microbiology) is to create a community where Black microbiologists can network across career stages and sectors while also supporting the collective work of pursuing equity in academe, industry, government, and beyond. Learn more at

Member, Microbes and Social Equity Working Group (MSE)

The purpose of MSE is to connect microbiology with social equity research, education, policy, and practice to understand the interplay of microorganisms, individuals, societies, and ecosystems. Collectively, we seek to generate and communicate knowledge that will spark evidence-based public policy and practice, supporting equity and sustainability for all. Learn more at:

Chair, University of Michigan Postdoctoral Family Association

Postdocs who have children/dependents are often far away from familial support and face challenges (financial, childcare access, support, etc.) that can impact their productivity and training experience.  UMPFA was created to serve the needs of this vital population during this critical time of career development. The mission of the UMPFA is to Advocate for access to institutional support and resources to meet the unique needs of postdoctoral researchers with children/dependents; Accommodate participation of parent-postdocs in training and career development activities; and Cultivate community among the families of postdoctoral researchers and facilitate supportive networks of parents and parents-to-be. Learn more on our website!

President, University of Michigan Medical School Postdoctoral Trainee Senate

The UMMS Senate represents postdocs on the behalf of the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Senate Leadership.

Administrative Team, Data Analysis Networking Group (DANG!)

The Data Analysis Networking Group (DANG!) is a forum for post-docs, grad students, and other researchers at the University of Michigan to discuss how to analyze, present, and visualize their data. Learn more on their website!

Founder and President, Graduate Parent Support Network, Purdue University

The Graduate Parent Support Network at Purdue University is an organization dedicated to the specific needs of graduate students who are parents. I founded this organization in 2017 and served as President until the completion of my doctoral studies.

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